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AR-15 Rifle

We at Quinndefense are not big fans of rifles simply because they are designed for long range. Yes, if you live alone in the country with acres of land to cover, we understand you owning a rifle. Most of us however, live in close proximity neighborhoods which makes using a rifle less ideal. Also, rifles are very loud! We urge anyone who uses a rifle for home defense to buy a suppressor/silencer. They will reduce the chances of permanent hearing loss to you and those around you!


You might of heard of single-action or bolt action rifles that work just fine for hunting. However, for self-defense, you want auto-loading rifles (e.g. AR-15 carbine rifle)! This means with every shot, it reloads automatically which is similar to a semi-auto pistol.

The idea behind auto-loading rifles is to unload as many rounds as possible in the shortest amount of time on the threat. One more thing before you decide on purchasing these kinds of rifles. Please do NOT refer to them as “assault rifles”. That is a term coined by the media to scare the general public. You will also get schooled at the gun shop if you want to look at an assault rifle.

With the recent market flooded with so many makes of auto-loading rifles for self-defense, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.

Our Top Pick!


If you want a rifle that is ready for home defense right out of the box, then this is your rifle! What makes this rifle outshine the rest is the brand itself, FN Herstal. These rifles were made for our military and has high quality specs to prove it. Yes, the retail price is expensive (~$1,800 USD) but, you will never have to upgrade much more in the future. Have a look at its specs below provided right off their website.

Source: fnamerica.com




What separates a shotgun from a rifle is ammo capacity. Most rifles like AR-15s have capacity of 30 rounds vs shotgun’s 8. Another pro for rifles are the accessories and configurations. Regardless the reasons, here is a list of must haves for your rifle:

  1. Buy high quality rifle!
  2. 16 inch. Barrel.  This provides a balance in muzzle velocity and maneuverability in close corders like a home or office.
  3. Buy a suppressor! Rifles are very load and you may not have time to get earmuffs.
  4. Mount a flashlight. 200 lumens at the 12 or 6 o’clock position is ideal in blinding the bad guy.
  5. Red dot sights. Easier for you or novice to aim at any threat.
  6. Stock should be collapseable and adjusted for you.
  7. Add a sling to your rifle. So many benefits to this during any situation.
  8. Any other add ons are optional. Just keep mind of increase weight!

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