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Less-lethal Alternatives

This section mentions less-lethal tools for protecting oneself from threats. Less-lethal means it can still kill someone when used, but the odds of survival are greater. Please check local and federal laws as some items mentioned on this site my have restrictions. Note: We are not associated with any of the companies products listed below:

Pepper Spray

Kimber Pepper Blaster II

Unlike traditional pepper spray, the Kimber Pepper Blaster II maybe the best on today’s market. Why? It can cover 13 feet at 112 mph! Since the pepper spray liquid travels at such a high-speed, there is no worry of blow-back.  However, like all pepper sprays, you must hit the face for it to be effective. Also, with the Kimber Pepper Blaster II, you only have two shots to defend yourself.

Pros: 4 year shelf life. Disables threat for 45mins. No blow-back. Covers 13″ @ 112 mph
Cons: Only 2 shots! Effective only in the face.


Drone Defense

If you are tired of drones hovering over your property like we are, then load your shotgun with Skynet Drone Defense shells! They offer a 5′ spread up to a distance of 130ft! What really makes this ammo interesting is that once fired, it parachutes safely back to earth without worry of injury to those below.


Taser Gun


NOTE: Not for civilian use! Unfortunately, civilians are limited to stun guns. However, if you can legally carry a taser, this laser assisted taser is for you! It covers 15ft in range and stuns the threat for 30 seconds. It also has a flashlight for nighttime use. Keep in mind, you only have one shot so make it count!

Monkey Fist Key-chain


The “Monkey Fist” is a bludgeon type of weapon that weighs 2.4 ounces and reaches 8″ in length. If you don’t think this would hurt a bad guy, think again. We tested one and it feels like you got hit on the head by a sock full of quarters!

Smith & Wesson Baton


(Check local laws before purchase!) With S&W expanding their products outside the firearm sector, this baton caught our attention. This steel tubing baton weighs 1.30 lbs and extends quickly from 8.2 inches to 21 inches with the snap of the wrist.


Paintball Gun

Tippman A-5

If you are anti-gun or live in an area that bans gun ownership, then paintball guns maybe perfect for your self-defense needs! Make no mistake, paintball guns are not toys and can do serious damage if aimed at certain body parts. We like the Tippman A-5 because it is affordable and reliable.



If you know of other less lethal alternatives that are not shown here, let us know! We would love to try them out!  Contact: quinndefense@gmail.com 

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