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Insurance and Lawyers


If you plan to carry a firearm, knife or use anything around you to defend yourself, you will need the U.S. Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) insurance!

Even if you are justified in defending yourself against a threat, you can still be sued! With the media painting gun owners as the real bad guys, it is not hard to wind up in court like George Zimmerman dishing out thousands of dollars in legal fees! The sad part is that criminal lawyers won’t even take your case for less then a $50,000 retainer. Do you have $50,000? If the answer is no, then you need USCCA insurance. It covers your bail (if arrested), your lawyer retainer, lost wages every day you are in court, USCCA magazine subscription, online training videos and much more! Click the links to learn more about this insurance today!





Top 5 Things Every Gun Owner Needs to Know!


Just because you have firearm insurance, does not mean you are safe from the law! Since we are not lawyers at Quinndefense, here is a criminal defense lawyer from Arizona who can tell you the five things every gun owner needs to know before pulling out your firearm!





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