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House Security

The image above is a basic home security floor plan. See if you can add improvements and compare this plan to your own home! Don’t have a security floor plan? Go make one!

Before we get into what you should get for home security, it is important to remember that anything we mention in this section will be considered deterrents – things that discourages or is intended to discourage someone from doing something. If you are dealing with a threat that is determined to get inside your home, (regardless how well fortified your home is) they can and will get in!

Now, on to our deterrents!

Security Cameras – Every home should have a security camera system. Some come wired or wireless. Outdoor or indoor. Night vision or none. Whichever security camera system you choose, make sure you test the picture quality! Some cameras look great during the day time, but offer poor images at night. So, go pick a security camera that has night vision and test it. If it produces questionable quality during the day/night, return it and try another. Never settle on poor security!

Exterior lighting –
Outdoor Lights that turn on when something moves outside is another must have! Not only alerts you but also your neighbors at night. Thieves target homes that are dark and offer “blind spots” so they can easily get in and out in the cover of darkness. Exterior lightning eliminates these blind spots.

Guard Dog(s) –
cheaper than hiring a security guard, guard dogs will protect your home from intruders! This option requires expensive training for dog and owner. Also, you must not let anyone outside your family pet your dog. The dog trainer will explain all the details, but the sooner you understand meaning of guard dog vs family dog, better it will be for security.

Steel Doors –
Preference would be that every door that leads directly outside should be made out of steel. Garage doors must also be considered as garage doors are extremely easy to get into! Don’t believe us? Take your garage door wireless remote and try it around your neighborhood. You would be surprised how many doors share the same frequency.

Deadbolt all exterior doors.
1″ minimum in door frame.

Replace outdoor hinges with 2-3′ stainless steel wood screws!
Makes it harder to kick in. Select indoor doors as well as they could slow intruders down as you make it for the panic room.

Remove alarm company signs (& Gun ownership signs too) –
Why advertise to the world you have an alarm system and/or a firearm in the house? This attracts unwanted attention and gives bad guys an idea of what kind of alarm system you have with a company and/or how many firearms they can get their hands on.

Install shatter-resistant film on all ground level windows – 
works like safety glass making it that much harder for bad guys to break in.

Panic Room –
Should crap hit the fan, you need a safe place inside your home that your family can get to and be safe! It doesn’t have to be made out of steel, but the doors should as strong or stronger than your front door. It’s purpose is to offer a safe haven for few days until help arrives. Things that should be included in a panic room depends on how many people live in the home so plan accordingly! Food, water, firearms, ammo, cellphone, flashlight, card games, backup power banks for charging electronics, etc.

More to come ...stay tuned!


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