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Below is a list of equipment everyone should have. Everyone should have the following type of equipment (or similar quality):


Howard Leight Impact™ Sport Earmuff

Impact Sport Earmuff

Created by Honeywell, these electronic earmuffs are great for the range and for home defense. Although it has a 22 noise reduction rating (NRR), it does provide excellent audio quality! You and your family/friends can have a quite conversation with these on at the range. Not having to shout at each over the noise of gunfire is always a plus!

Gun Cleaning Kit by Sage & Braker

Sage & Braker
Gun Cleaning Kit by Sage & Braker

If you are using older cleaning kits that takes up most of the kitchen table, this product will help you save time and space! Unlike other gun cleaning snakes, this one is affordable and easy to clean. The best about this kit, is that you can detach the bronze brush for easy cleaning. Please, take care of your firearms so they can take care of you! Don’t forget to add a cleaner like CLP to your cleaning kit…


Clean| Lube| Preserve

If you are a kind of person who likes things clean as fast as possible, than CLP is your choice! Sure, there are other great products out there like Hoppe’s 9 , but CLP gets the job done with one application.  We suggest you clean your firearm after every visit to the range, if not, after 500 rounds tops! maintenance is key for your firearm to last a lifetime. *Note* For those that use WD40 on everything… do NOT use it on your firearms! WD40 is not designed for firearm maintenance and It will damage them over time.

GPS Handgunner Bag

GPS Handgunner Bag

If you do alot of traveling with your firearms, it becomes neccessary to get a range bag that you can take anywhere without worry of breakage. This bag is built tough, and can hold everything you would normally take to the range. Checking this bag at the airport? No problem! Be sure to buy hard case required by TSA,  like a 1300 pelican


Urban Carry Holster

Urban Carry G2 Holster

For maximum concealment, Urban Carry’s holsters are the way to go! We admit that this hustler is not for everyone. Some people not have the waist line for it and it does require getting used to the “pull up draw” concept. However, with practice, you will fall in love with this leather holster.


Cloak Tuck 3.0 IWB holster

Looking for traditional holster that is reliable yet innovative? Check out aliengearholsters.com ! We tried two of their cloak tuck 3.0 IWB holsters (revolver & pistol testing) and found it very comfortable. One would think that the revolvers cylinder would add to discomfort, but their “adjustable retention” system allows you to adjust how tight you want the gun against you. This is a well thought out holster and everyone should bookmark their website for future products!


Buy their gun belts!

is a brand that is well-known in the firearm community. If you like leather handbags, belts, holsters, etc… buy Galco. For defense purposes, we recommend their gun belts. Why? Because their leather is handmade, tough, and police issued/recommended. If it is good enough for law enforcement, then it is good enough for you! So, go now and throw away those flimsy leather belts you bought for $10-$25 at Wal-Mart just to keep your pants up, we will wait… Seriously, go throw them away because they are not designed to handle the weight of your firearm, let alone the stress of pulling from your holster. *Note* Please be sure to try any gun belt with you holster on before you buy! Gun hustlers will take a few inches away from your belt and will feel tight if you don’t make proper adjustments. Example: If you are size 34, try size 36 gun belt with the holster on!


The Gift of Fear by: Gavin De Becker

I know you are wonder why a book is in the equipment section of this website. The answer is knowledge is power! Just because you are armed to the teeth with the latest gadgets, doesn’t prepare you to spot danger signals most people would miss. Here is the direct link off amazon: Click here.

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