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Cyber Defense


In this section of the site, you will learn about our services and all about how to build up a Cyber Defense – “The art of protecting oneself from electronic intruders.”

If you have no idea what we are talking about, you are not alone. Many people only see the positives in using new technologies without ever thinking about the negative impact to our privacy.

This page is still under construction but consider our suggestions below to get your feet wet:

Do you love movies? Watch I.T. (2016) staring Pierce Brosnan. (No clowns we promise!) You will understand just how vulnerable we are and the need for defense against such threats.
Another movie:
The Circle staring Tom Hanks shows just how free information can cost you your privacy.
Not into movies? Read this book: The Art Of Invisibility by Kevin Mitnick.

Interested in becoming a cyber security professional? Read our blog.


Free services includes:

Cyber threats – List what cyber threats are, how to avoid them, etc
Hacking Tools – Tools and software hackers use to get your information.
Defense – Basic steps in preventing hackers from gaining access to your electronics

Paid services we will be offering:

Computer Setup – We will install software and teach you how to use it remotely or in person.
Computer Repair – We will analyze the computer problem and offer a quote before the job even starts.

…Stay tuned!

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