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Cyber FastTrack is training thousands of college students to become cybersecurity experts. Have you got what it takes to join us?

What is Cyber FastTrack?

Cyber FastTrack is a free online cybersecurity program for college students and graduates.

Designed by world-leaders in cybersecurity and backed by Governors, Cyber FastTrack is a program like no other.

The nation desperately needs more highly-skilled cyber professionals, and we have evidence that CyberStart improves the quality and preparation of people entering the cybersecurity industry.

Alan Paller, SANS Director of Research

What you will learn

Through online challenges, quizzes, exams, and tutorials, you will learn disciplines such as: Forensics, Intrusion detection, Security operations, System and network penetration testing, and Application penetration testing.

No other program or educational route will prepare you for this fascinating industry quicker than Cyber FastTrack!

How long the program takes

The program starts on April 5 and can be completed by September 16. Learn online and study alongside your college classes.

*No experience required*

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to enroll and give it their best shot. No previous experience is required.

Already studying in the STEM field? Put your theoretical knowledge to the test with real-world cybersecurity challenges and boost your resume.

Take your first steps towards an exciting career

Backed by Fannie Mae, CISCO, Vanguard, and Idaho National Laboratory, Cyber FastTrack will help your resume stand out from the crowd.

We’re constantly searching for great talent to work on hard challenges and this is a fun way to build intellectual curiosity and demonstrate the creativity the nation requires in our cyber defenses.

Wayne Austad, Technical Director for Idaho National Laboratory’s Cybercore Integration Center

Earn scholarships – Boost your resume – Meet employers

CyberStart student

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Top performing students could earn*:

  • A Cyber Honors Academy Scholarship for further study with leading cybersecurity company, SANS
  • Introductions to top employers – including Vanguard, Fannie Mae, CISCO, and Idaho National Laboratory
  • Real-life cybersecurity experience to put on your resume
  • Mock-interviews with leading companies to prepare you for the workforce
  • Internship opportunities.

Cyber Honors Academy Scholarship

High-performing students will be awarded a Cyber Honors Academy Scholarship*.

These students will gain free, valuable experience training at SANS Institute, focusing on courses such as Security Essentials and Hacker Exploits, plus electives including Digital Forensics, Intrusion Detection and Cyber Defence in Depth.

A further 200 well-performing students will receive $500 in scholarships towards college tuition, through a prize draw.

* To be eligible to earn either scholarship at the end of the program, you must have completed (or will complete by the end of the current semester) a minimum of 48 college credits.

Sign up here! or copy and paste this link: https://www.cyber-fasttrack.org/entry/sign-up