Learn to hack with http://hacknet-os.com/ or visit store.steampowered.com/app/365450/. Even if you have zero programing experience, this game will force you to complete tutorials with step-by-step instructions by using REAL interfaces and commands the professionals use every day.  learning + fun = win. Enjoy!

“Hacknet is a modern, super immersive terminal-driven hacking game with a fully internally-consistent network simulation and an interface so real you shouldn’t play it in an airport.
It follows the story of recently deceased hacker “Bit”, whose death may not be the ‘accident’ the media reports.

You stand in for no one, as most games have you do – play for yourself, make your own decisions, and see the world react – if you’re leaving a trace that is.
Hacknet has no protagonist, other than the person using it. Don’t be reckless though – it’s more real than you think.”

“Wait… Why are you promoting hackers on your website!?”

For those that are wondering why we are promoting a game that is geared toward destructive behavior in terms of cyber security, it is because cyber security professionals must understand how hackers get into their systems to better defend them. A great analogy is a locksmith. A locksmith knows all the tricks in cracking a lock, thus designs better locking systems that deter criminals from even trying.  Same holds true for us cyber security professionals because how can we protect computer networks if we don’t know the latest tools the bad guys are using?

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