LexisNexis is the top data-broker in the world. Like other data-brokers, they create profiles on people like you and sell that information to companies and agencies (e.g. law enforcement, health insurance, and criminal enterprises!?). To be clear, we are not talking about your credit report, we are talking about your entire life history! 

LexisNexis knows your…

  • Insurance company
  • Policy #
  • Risk type
  • Names of each subject on policy
  • Insured vehicle coverage
  • Address of property
  • Criminal History
  • Sex
  • Partial DOB
  • Social Security # (minus last 4 digits)
  • Driver’s License #
  • Bankruptcies, liens, and judgements
  • Aircraft registration
  • Loan information
  • Employment History
  • Criminal History
  • and MORE!!

How could a company like this have so much power over people? Simple, YOU give it to them. Most of this information is in the public domain, and they just pluck it off your Facebook page, online forms you fill out volunteers, etc, without ever notifying you.

Curious on what they know about you? Fill out a Full File Disclosure Request Form.

Question from Guest: Ok, I read your blog post, and I still don’t see the big picture. This doesn’t affect my everyday lifestyle. Why should I care?

Answer: You should care for two reasons:

  1. These companies are getting rich off of your data without ever having to pay you a cent!
  2. Your digital profile will determine how much you pay in the future! Here is a post that explains how health insurers can raise rates based off your digital profile.

It maybe too late for some, but you can fight back by limiting private information you give everyday. Here are few Q/As that will help.

Q1: Welcome to “SomeRandomHairCuteShop”, can I have your name, phone number and email please?
A: Sure, my name is J Doe, no/fake address, phone number 888-888-8888 IDontHaveEmail@email.com.

Q2: Welcome to “MostHealthyFoodStoreEver!” please fill out these forms for a rewards card you put on key chain for 2% savings off each purchase!
A: Sure, my name is J Doe, no/fake address, phone number 888-888-8888 IDontHaveEmail@email.com.

Q3: Welcome to IRS, You must provide your real information because we are government and we are going to audit your past tax forms.
A3: Sure, my name is “real name”, PO Box ####, Last 4 digits SSN, phone number 888-888-8888. (All government needs is address to mail you forms, that’s why everyone should have PO BOX for this very reason. don’t let them call you, EVER!)

Recap: ALWAYS give fake information. If you must give real information, provide as little as possible. Never write down your phone number or SSN (Social Security Number) for any reason! The less information you give, better your privacy is protected.

It is only a matter of time before companies like LexisNexis get hacked, so why help the bad guys? Have we already forgotten the Equifax Hack?


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