Welcome back to another movie night! If you have Amazon Prime, enjoy our listed movies/docs/TV series with your plan. Everyone else, expect to pay!

  1. Let us being with TV series: Mr Robot. What is great about Mr Robot, apart from its entertaining storyline, is the audience gets to see tools hackers use to get your private data. FlexiSPY, Raspberry Pi, DeepSound, o my!  Here is a post from WIRED explaining what Elliot keeps in his toolbox.
  2. This 2016, 42 min Documentary is called Cyber War.  As the title suggest, this doc explains how hackers pose a universal threat and how governments are finding recruits from within to wage war and espionage in the modern age. If you have ever heard the words Defecon, you will understand its community in this doc.
  3. Only have time for 3 minute episodes? Need to educate the grandparents about online scams? Watch Cyber Security – Online Scams & How to Avoid Them.  You will learn how to avoid the following scams within minutes: baby, credit card banking, hijacked profile, lottery, mystery shopper, Nigerian cheque, Facebook photo, online quiz, survey, and infamous tiny url scam!

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