If you have seen the movie The Matrix, you’ll understand the image reference. Anyways, we found a great site (other than ours) that explains how web browsers and phones give out our personal info: myshadow.org/location-tracking

On top of that, we found a neat app at the google store called Spy Monitor. Once you setup the app after the download, you then carry on with your day using all those “free” apps you have installed. Once your done, check back with Spy Monitor and you will be greeted with a world map showing all the routes your data went to servers outside your country, along with detailed IP addresses. We tested it on the WordPress app and displayed images to show the servers that collected our data. Check it out on other apps and be amazed!

For those that prefer working with their PC, try Wireshark. It is not as simple to use as the said app, but you have more control. Be prepared to watch YouTube videos to truly understand its power. Keep in mind that IT experts use this in the field. Therefore, once you learn it, you will be one step closer to understanding cyber security.