A 2018 report by Ponemon Institute measured “cyber hygiene” (individual’s ability to respond to cyber related attacks like malware, ransomware, etc). From 4,290 U.S. respondents that were surveyed, here are the over-all results:

  • 46% don’t use Anti-virus software.
  • 19% share their passwords frequently.
  • 45% use public wi-fi frequently. Yet… 76% never use VPNs while using the internet.
  • 87% never use “privacy filter” screens when working in tight spaces or while traveling.
  • 26% take precautions on a regular basis when clicking links in emails.

If you manage a business, you need to pay attention. Your employees have poor cyber hygiene and will open the business to cyber criminals eventually.  Scenario: Let’s say all your computer systems holding customer data is locked by ransomware because an employee clicked a bad link from an email. Can you afford to pay the ransom? To pay or not to pay, is not the question. The real question is, do you have cyber insurance? Even if you pay the ransomware, it is going to cost thousands to make security improvements (awareness training, updating software/hardware, etc).

Finding cyber insurance is easy, but finding the right insurance plan can be tricky. With that in mind, we found a nice article that can point you in the right direction in acquiring insurance. >Click Here!<