After reading our post Facebook + Cambridge = Trump, you are probably wondering what data Facebook has on you. Well, if you have used any Facebook apps (including Whatsapp and Instagram), then they have your text and phone logs. Don’t trust us? Follow this link to get instructions on how to download and view your data:

Of course the best solution is to delete your account(s). However, with Facebook being integrated into many apps for login purposes, it can be a real drawback. What is the solution for people that must have Facebook? Make new accounts with bogus information! If Facebook requires a phone number, use a burner number. Just remember to NEVER use any Facebook apps and to check your security settings. If you must use a Facebook app, turn OFF the synced contacts option to “opt-out” of their data collecting.

Just remember, Facebook will still have access to your data if you continue using their services (or fake data if you follow our advice). Even if you opt out of everything, you agree to their Terms of services which allows them access to your data. That is why Facebook, Google and other companies offer “free” apps and still make millions. Think about it.

Be on the lookout for our next blog post as we will explain how we got to this point in time.