Before you start making new years resolutions (e.g. gym membership), we at Quinndefense implore you to follow our blog at no financial cost to you. Why? Because we care. We want to empower you with tools of knowledge. What you do with it is up to you. 

We have been getting a lot of interest in cybersecurity lately, and being a new year, let use give you all the truth big companies don’t want you to know: Ever wonder why you get so much spam or advertisments that peek your interest? Well, hate to say it but… you cause it! Those “free” apps on your phone right now, as of this writing, are collecting data about you and selling to the highest bidder. Even those smart devices you wear everyday or during workouts are selling you out.

How about surveillance? Uber app for example, collects geolocation data knowing your location at all times even if you only use WiFi. Own a smart TV or devices that you can speak too? Those devices are always on and listening to all your private conversations!

Think deleting the apps help? Too late! Your name, phone number, contacts, pictures, browsing history, etc is all in their database the moment you downloaded the app and agreed to their terms of use. Yes, it is all legal which makes it that more disturbing. 

The good news is we can teach you how to protect yourself from these threats and still enjoy the internet. Stay tuned for future blogs and make us your new years resolution.