This year, we have had the Vegas shooting, church in Tennessee, a hospital in West Virginia, and recently the Wal-Mart shooting in Colorado. despite the increase in media coverage on these matters, the defenseive measures are out-dated. When we say outdated, take a look of the picture above this post.

Our grandparents took cover under desks to defend themselves against air raids. I think we can all agree for today’s standards, this defense training would be laughable. Yet today, in combating active shooters, law enforcement (and other businesses) are training people to Run, Hide, Fight. I am sure new hires to any business in the future will watch these defense videos of paid actors running away from their place of business or locking themselves in rooms while turning off all the lights, or even groups of five armed with trash cans fighting off the shooter with ease. Well, all this training is useful except they are missing a tool that could even the playing field: a firearm!

For those that are anti-firearms, please review our website for less-lethal alternatives as firearms may not be an option for you. However, the argument remains the same. A firearm is the key in keeping oneself and others safe from a threat.

Should a shooter come to your home or place of business, you might not have time to run or hide! Say you work in an office space in a cubicle setting of some 30 employees. A bad guy comes in the front door and starts shooting people one by one. You have about 15 seconds before he will notice you from 20 feet away and closes in for the kill. The front door is the only exit. What are you going to do?

Multiple Choice: Pick one of the options below:

A. Call 911
B. Plead with the bad guy to let you leave alive.
C. Hide under your desk and wait for an opening to escape.
D. Draw your firearm and take action.


If you chose D. you are correct! Granted, “take action” depends on the situation, but with proper training, you could even the odds by giving you and those around you a fighting chance against the threat.

Lets go over the wrong answer. For those that chose A… Sorry, you don’t have 10-15 minutes to wait for 911 to come save your life. Option B is not any better because pleading with bad guy is out of the question! Once someone comes at you with a weapon, or has started using it on others right in front of you… the time for talk is over! Option C. Hide under the desk. This may seem like a good idea under the circumstances, but it is not. You are a siting duck waiting to be shot!

Folks, if you are upset by this article, it is time to face the music! Tougher firearm regulation and these Gun-Free-Zones will NOT stop bad guys from doing harm to others. The only person who can stop these attacks are you and other law-abiding citizen with proper training.

**Note: Before you decide bringing a firearm to work, check in with HR first to determine if it is allowed. If it is not, discuss alternatives (e.g. working from home.)

Feel free to contact us at Quinndefense should you be interested in training today!