no job

People blame a bad economy for not getting a job. Yet, no one ever seems to blame their social media activity! Wild party videos, pictures of gang signs, and live stream of smoking illegal substances can all be used against you!

Employers today not only check a persons criminal and credit backgrounds, but their social media activity as well! That is right, your behavior on Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat, and the lot can be used against you when it comes to landing a job.

What can you do to protect yourself? Two options:

  1. Use Privacy Settings! – If there are images/videos that could be questionable to your character, get them out of the public view and into a private view only. Even if employers somehow find material that is setup to be private, there are privacy laws (depending where you live) that will prevent them from using it when deciding to hire you.
  2. Delete Your Account! – In some cases deleting an account might be your best option and stay off social media for good. Yes, you can delete your social media accounts. Tip: Try to find all those social media accounts linked to your email and delete them. Some of us here at Quinndefense never opened a single social media account and are doing just fine.

Just remember, even if you delete something off your computer or the internet, there are ways to recover that data! Be smart about what you do and be safe!

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