News article from Fox News: Homeowner Wayne Natt, 56, has been charged with one count of video voyeurism after renter’s discovered a “black hole on the side of a smoke detector in the room… which was pointing directly at the couples bed”.  Pretty scary stuff right? What is even more disturbing is that this owner has been using Airbnb for over two years without anyone catching him until now!

Fear not! Quinndefense has you cover. We are going to list anti-spy tools and companies that will help you discover bugs that are hidden in your current or future apartment. This article also applies to business owners too!

Before you get paranoid, here are a list of warning signs that could be viewed as red flags of being bugged:

  • Radio interference, static coming from your phone or headset.
  • Unscheduled maintenance or delivery truck appears for no reason.
  • Clumps of dust or paint appears near your desk or phones at home.
  • Discoloration or drill holes in ceiling.
  • TV is not clear or fuzzy.
  • New items (or freebies) you have not ordered appear at your doorstep or inside your place of business



  1. Hidden Camera RF Signal Bug Detector  – Low budget detector from Sunderpower.
  2. Anti-Spy Wireless Signal Bug RF Detector  -Detects both cameras and audio bugs.
  3. Lawmate RD-10 RF and Camera Detector – A law inforcement grade detector that is an added lense that you can see through to detect camrea lenses.
  4. CPM 700 Probe – For the ultra pareniod, you can’t go wrong with this $2600.00 piece of hardware! It will detect and locate all types of electronic surveillance devices including room, body bugs, phone, video transmitters, and even tape recorders. Tell your friends to leave their cell phones in the car if you are going this route.

Need professional help? Contact COMSEC . This company will come to your business or home and find any spy device planted there. Even if you do not use their services, their website has a ton of information on combating the latest attacks to the equipment they use and sell. In a hurry for information? Go to the Apple or Google play store and download their app. Another company to consider for information and services is Brickhousesecurity.

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