This is the first ever blog post by Quinndefense! For those that don’t know, this site is geared to educating the public on how to protect themselves from bad guys on the street and on the internet! Why? Simply because most people suffer from a disease called denial.

Here are common statements from people who have denial when it comes to violence and crime: “Sure, there is violence, but that only happens in the inner city” or “You are only at risk if you stay out late at night” or “Things like that doesn’t happen in this neighborhood” or “My credit is crap already, who cares if someone tries to steal my identity?”  The truth is no amount of fame or fortune will keep violence and crime from entering our lives. Just think about it, twenty-five years ago, the thought of someone going on a shooting spree was outrageous; now it is in the news almost every week. Same can be said about major companies being hacked for customer’s private data.

It is this denial that has motivated Quinndefense in helping the public recover from this disease and start protecting themselves in an educated way.  Be on the lookout for monthly blog posts. Stay tuned!

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